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ABPA Hits Back at OEMs, Vowing to Continue Educating Consumers on the Many Benefits of Aftermarket Replacement Parts

HOUSTON, Dec. 16, 2010 — The Automotive Body Parts Association (ABPA) today fired back at original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) including Ford and Toyota, saying it would continue educating America’s consumers on the many benefits of using aftermarket replacement components to repair their vehicles.

“The aftermarket industry is not going to just sit back silently while the OEMs put out misinformation about aftermarket parts,” said Eileen A. Sottile, co-chair of the ABPA Legislation & Regulation Committee. “Not only are aftermarket parts more affordable than over-priced car company parts, but they are also safe, high-quality alternatives that consumers can feel good about having installed on their cars.”

Aftermarket parts provide the same levels of safety and quality as OEM parts at an average of 25-50 percent lower cost, which consumers appreciate even more fully in the current economic climate. Roughly eight in ten independent repair facilities utilize aftermarket parts in the repairs done for their customers.

The widespread availability of aftermarket parts ensures that repair shops can get cars back faster to their customers. Aftermarket parts also enable insurance companies to declare fewer cars “total wrecks,” keeping more cars on the road and preventing Americans from having to needlessly purchase new automobiles from car companies. Aftermarket parts enable shops to return their customers’ cars to pre-accident condition, and typically come with limited lifetime warranties superior to the warranties offered by the car companies.

“The aftermarket industry is a thriving part of the American economy and will continue to be,” declared Sottile. “Consumers benefit when they have choice about which parts they use for car repairs, and competition prevents car company monopolies from charging excessive prices to line their pockets.”

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The more than 150 members of the Automotive Body Parts Association (ABPA) occupy more than 415 separate collision parts distribution, bumper sales, recycling facilities and manufacturing plants. Collectively, they are responsible for distributing more than 75 percent of independently produced aftermarket collision replacement parts sold to the collision repair trade. ABPA members warrant the products they sell and endorse the concept of Complete Customer Satisfaction which not only extends to the quality of the product lines but also encompasses product availability, product service, product price and service after the sale. Visit www.autobpa.com.

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