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Louisiana Bill Seeks to Require OEM Safety Parts

A bill currently under consideration by the Louisiana House of Representatives (HB559) would prohibit the use of aftermarket parts for certain safety-related repairs, including anti-lock brakes and air bags. But additional language in the current version of the bill could open the door to a wider interpretation of its intent, with potential impact on other types of aftermarket parts.

For example, part of the bill reads:

“Any aftermarket crash part supplied by a nonoriginal equipment manufacturer for use in this state after the effective date of this Chapter shall have affixed thereto or inscribed thereon the logo or name of its manufacturer. Such manufacturer’s logo or name shall be visible after installation whenever practical.”

Advanced notification to the customer would also be required:

“No insurer shall require or authorize the use of non-OEM aftermarket crash parts in the repair of a claimant’s motor vehicle, nor shall a repair facility or installer use non-OEM aftermarket crash parts to repair a vehicle, unless the claimant is so advised in writing and in advance of the repairs being undertaken.”

This is another misguided attempt to legislate against fair competition in the automotive repair business, aimed at protecting the monopoly of vehicle manufacturers at the expense of consumer choice.

You can read the full text of Louisiana’s HB559 here.

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