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Here’s a Twist: Arkansas Legislation Seeks to Eliminate OEM Parts Requirement

While Maryland continues to try to throw roadblocks up against aftermarket parts, Arkansas may be going in the opposite direction. A hearing today in the Arkansas General Assembly will discuss Senate Bill 291 (SB 291), which seeks to repeal a state requirement that OEM parts be used to repair any damaged vehicle while it is still under a manufacturer’s warranty, unless the vehicle’s owner consents in writing to the use of other parts.

Arkansas Code § 4-90-306 currently states, “Whenever repairs are made involving replacement crash parts, as defined in this subchapter, and the vehicle is still under the manufacturer’s original warranty, only original equipment manufacturer replacement crash parts may be used by the repair facility unless the owner gives or has given written consent otherwise.”

SB 291 would repeal the entire section, thus eliminating the requirement for OEM parts during the warranty period. We’ll continue to follow the progress of this refreshingly consumer-friendly bill.

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