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Update: Repeal of OEM Requirements Overwhelmingly Passes Arkansas Senate

UPDATE: After receiving a “Do Pass” recommendation from the Committee on Insurance and Commerce, the Arkansas Senate overhwelmingly passed a bill (SB291) repealing the state’s law requiring that only OEM parts be used to repair a vehicle under manufacturer’s warranty. The vote was 21-9, with 1 abstention. The measure now goes to the House Insurance and Commerce Committee.

The Arkansas Senate’s Committee on Insurance and Commerce debated a bill (SB291) that would repeal the state law requiring that repairs made to a vehicle still under manufacturer’s warranty be made only with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. The Committee reported in favor of the repeal, reporting a “Do Pass” recommendation. We will continue to follow this bill as it goes back to the full Senate for debate and action.

In the Maryland Senate, another attempt has been defeated that would require auto body repair shops and insurers to use OEM or aftermarket parts certified by a narrowly defined certification organization, which would severely limit parts access for consumers. The bill has been cancelled after receiving an unfavorable report out of the Senate’s insurance committee.

And John Yoswick’s CRASH Network reports that in the New Jersey legislature, bills have been introduced in both the Senate and General Assembly to require auto dealers to provide buyers of new vehicles written confirmation that it is illegal for automakers or dealers to “void a motor vehicle warranty or deny coverage under the motor vehicle warranty simply because an aftermarket or recycled part was installed on the vehicle, or simply because someone other than the dealer performed service on the vehicle.”

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