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CAPA Certifies First Aftermarket Auto Parts for South African Market

Kentwood, MI – The Certified Automotive Parts Association (CAPA), an independent non-profit standard setting and certification organization for automotive crash parts, has certified the first aftermarket auto parts intended for sale in the South African market. The parts, manufactured by the Tong Yang Group and distributed by Grandmark International, were certified following a testing process that included material evaluations, construction method verification, vehicle test fits (VTF), and dimensional/appearance inspections. As the global leader in aftermarket auto part certification for over 30 years, CAPA standards have been used worldwide to identify high-quality aftermarket auto parts based on their design, materials, construction and comparability to car company brand parts. Today, more than 95 million parts have achieved CAPA certification.

Kerry Tapio, Operations Manager for the CAPA Program, stated: “CAPA’s priority has always been to ensure access to high-quality, fairly priced, alternative parts that provide comparability to OEM parts. We are thrilled to celebrate this milestone as CAPA continues to support the certification of quality products across the globe and we are excited to bring CAPA certification to South Africa.”

Tong Yang is a leading manufacturer of aftermarket parts, including automotive plastics, molds, paints and sheet metal and cooling products. As a long-time CAPA participant, they have manufactured certified parts for multiple regions, including the United States. Grandmark International is one of the leading distributors of replacement automotive parts and glass products in southern Africa. As a trusted partner to spares shops and workshops across the region, the company supplies a wide range of quality aftermarket parts. This marks the first time the company has brought CAPA-certified parts into their distribution network.

Daniel Chong, Procurement Executive at Grandmark International, stated: “Grandmark International is proud to work in collaboration with CAPA to bring this globally recognized standard of quality into the South African market. Quality and safety are always top of mind at Grandmark International. Working with CAPA is an indication of our commitment to ensuring that the South African consumer is protected from the use of sub-standard parts. By rigorously testing the fitment, material composition, dimensions, appearance, function and construction, Grandmark ensures that the parts that we distribute complies to the highest standards. We very much look forward to continue working hand in hand with CAPA in setting the standard for quality parts in the South African market.”

With the initial certifications complete for South Africa, additional testing and certification is expected to continue throughout the year, with more parts to be introduced to the market.

About CAPA: The Certified Automotive Parts Association, founded in 1987, is the nation’s only independent, non-profit certification organization for automotive crash parts whose sole purpose is to ensure that both consumers and the industry have the means to identify high-quality parts via the CAPA Quality Seal. CAPA is an ANSI-accredited standards developer for competitive crash repair parts. For more information see CAPAcertified.org.

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