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ABPA Members: Follow MyPartsChoice.com and Show Your Support for the SMART Act

ABPA members have been suffering the impact of car company tactics to diminish our industry to create a monopoly on collision parts. The ABPA continues to fight these issues daily and need our members to show their support against the issues that are impacting their businesses.

The ABPA is proud to launch our new website “mypartschoice.com”. We would ask all who are interested, including ABPA members, to check it out and follow on your favorite social media platforms and give us a like or a thumbs up.

We also ask for your immediate action by clicking the link to sign the petition supporting the Save Money on Auto Repair Transportation (SMART Act). We must act now to make our voices be heard and speak up to initiate change.

Share this link with all your employees, ask them to share it with their families and friends, send it to your social media, tell your story and ask for support.

Let’s start the conversation to inform how this has real life impact on vehicle ownership for everyone, from collision repairs, vehicle service and maintenance to insurance premiums and vehicle purchases. Congressman Darrell Issa (CA) has been a strong supporter of our industry and your businesses; show him you appreciate his support by signing the petition today for supporting the SMART Act today!

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The ABPA is proud to be a partner and support the advocacy efforts of:

My Parts Choice
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