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Automotive YouTuber Rich Rebuilds Promotes the CAR Coalition

“Rich Rebuilds”, a prominent YouTube channel that focuses on automotive repair and general vehicle information, has come out with a new video on Monday where he comes out in support of the CAR Coalition and urges his 1.34 million subscribers to learn more about both the SMART Act and the REPAIR Act. Rich Benoit is a native of Massachusetts who is widely known for repairing his Tesla’s battery (rather than spending thousands at the dealer) and for collecting and repairing other vehicles.

Rich Benoit, co-founder of the Rich Rebuilds YouTube channel

The video, “Putting our Cummins Powered GMC Truck to Work on An Actual Farm” can be found at this link and mention of the CAR Coalition and Right to Repair is at the very beginning of the video.

The ABPA is a proud founding member of the CAR Coalition and continues to support the passing of both the SMART Act and the REPAIR Act. For more information on the CAR Coalition, visit their websites:



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Executive Director
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