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ABPA’s direction in the marketplace is guided by an elected Board of Directors which consists of 11-13 members. Three to four members are elected annually, each for a three year term of office. Usually, one director is elected as the Special Overseas Liaison seat, representing the interests of the overseas manufacturers. All segments of the industry are represented on the Board – parts distribution, manufacturers and suppliers and recyclers to the trade. Recognizing that candidates for the board of directors may wear more than one hat and have various business interests, the Bylaws call for each member during annual elections to cast a ballot for all candidates regardless of the category they may represent. This system of election assures broad-based deliberation on all issues because every member of the Board of Directors owes their allegiance to every member of ABPA, and not to just those in their specific category of business interest.

Any member in good standing is allowed to run for a seat on the Association’s Board of Directors. However, the Bylaws preclude a prospective member from running if there are already three members from the same company on the board. A Nominating Committee is appointed by the Chairman to evaluate potential candidates and bring forth a slate, but there is also a system of self nomination in effect which encourages others to run from the floor. There are current members of the Board who have been elected by taking this route. Elections are held during the annual convention – usually during the trade fair hours – and ballots may be cast by members in good standing during designated trade show hours. One company, one vote. Each successful candidate then serves for a three year term of office. A maximum of three successive terms (nine years) is allowed.

Board members formulate the policies which direct the Association and they work throughout the year within specific committees, the majority of which are standing. The Committees are Electronic Communications, CAPA, MQVP & Certification Advisory, Communications & Public Relations, Convention, Education & Technical, Legal & Legislative, Executive, Financial, Industry Relations, Membership and Membership Services. Ad Hoc committees such as Nominations & Elections are appointed as needed by the Chairman.

Board members work under the direction of the Chairman. The President of the Association is the number one member who represents the interests of all members. There is also an elected vice president, treasurer and a recording secretary. All officers are elected by board members and serve for a one year term; successive terms are permitted. The ABPA chief administrator is the Executive Director, who serves on a day-to-day basis and who is contractually retained by the Board of Directors.

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