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John Chen, President
Apex Auto Parts, Inc.
7th Fl., No. 1418 Chung-Cheng Road
Taoyuan, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Phone: (886) 3-357-0066
Fax: (886) 3-357-2498/99
E-mail: apexauto@ms8.hinet.net
Product Lines: Bumpers (Urethane, Steel); Doors/Fenders/Hoods; Grilles; Header Panels; Lights; Radiators/Condensers; Truck Accessories; Wheels

Penny Lin, Director of Marketing Division
Gary Chang, Assistant to the Director
Auto Parts Industrial, Ltd.
No. 456, Sec. 2, Kwoling Rd., 7 Lin, Kwoling Li
Jhongli Dist., Taoyuan City 32050, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Phone: (886) 3-4201919
Fax: (886) 3-4203985/4203986
E-mail: service@mail.autoparts.com.tw
Web: www.autoparts.com.tw
Product Lines: Bumpers, fenders, hoods, tail gates, fender liners, grilles, header panels, doors, mirrors, radiator supports, etc.

Frank Lin, Sales Manager
CHL Auto Parts Co., LTD
No.11, Ln. 170, Xiangxi Road
23 Lin, Hukou Village,
Hukou Township, Hsinchu County
30347, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Phone: (886) 3-5692-111
Fax: (886) 3-5692-112
E-mail: frank@chlautoparts.com.tw
Product Lines: Crash Replacement body parts, Rust Repair panels, and Classic Restoration parts.

Jason Chung, President
Joanna Kao, Sales Specialist
Cobra King Industry Co., Ltd.
No. 27-6, 15th Lin,
Keng-Kou Village Lu-Tsu Hsiang
Tao-Yuan Hsien, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Phone: (886) 3-354-1405
Fax: (886) 3-354-3594
E-mail: joanna@cobraking.com.tw
Product Lines: Bumpers, urethane & steel; doors, fenders, hoods; glass; grilles; header panels; lights; mirrors; pads and abrasives; paint/primer/sealer; radiators and AC condensers; truck accessories; wheels

Jenny Chiu
Eagle Eyes Traffic Industrial Co., LTD.
No. 818, Zhongshan N. Rd.
Yongkang Dist. Tainan City 71041, Taiwan R.O.C.
Phone: +886-6-2336618
Fax: +886-6-2331522
E-mail: sales@eagleeyes.com.tw
Web: www.eagleeyes.com.tw
Product Lines: Headlight, Rear Light, Fog Light, Third Brake Light, Bumper Light, Side Marker, Daytime Running Light, Corner Light, Universal Light, Truck Light

Jacky Tsai, General Manager
Claire Sue, Financial Manager
Fortress Auto Int’l Ltd
No. 3, Ln. 190, Dianyan Rd., Yangmei Dist.
Taoyuan, Taiwan 32661
Phone: +886-3-4909229
Fax: +886-3-4909177
E-mail: jackytsai@fortressauto.com.tw
Web: www.fortressauto.com.tw
Service Area: America, Europe, China, Middle East, South Africa
Product Lines: Automotive Body Parts, Mechanical Parts, Cooling Parts & Accessories

Jason Hsu, Director
Leroy Chen, Sales Manager
Giving Industrial Co., Ltd.
No. 320, Sec. 1, Yaofeng Rd., Puxin Township
Changhua County, Taiwan (R.O.C) 51344
Phone: +886-4-8296998
Fax: +886-4-8299256
E-mail: info@giving.com.tw
Web: www.giving.com.tw
Product Lines: Automotive rear-view mirrors

Alex Wang, General Manager
Adam Wang, Vice General Manager
Global Net Automotive Co. Ltd.
No. 1118, Sec. 3, Fuguo Rd., Luzhu Dist.
Taoyuan City 339
Phone: +88633117368
Fax: +88633119918
E-mail: alex@globalnetauto.com.tw
Web: www.globalnetauto.com
Service Area: North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East.
Product Lines: Auto body parts, cooling systems, suspensions, chassis.

Mike Lee, President
Gordon Auto Body Parts Co., Ltd.
No. 48, Niehhsi Rd., Luchu Hsiang
TaoYuan Hsien, Taiwan, R.O.C
Phone: (886) 3-324-4011-9
Fax; (886) 3-324-4649
E-mail: sales@gordon.com.tw
Web: www.gordon.com.tw
Product Lines: Fenders; Hoods; Doors; Molds; Sheet metal parts

Emily Cheng, Sales Manager
Golden Legion Automotive Corp.
No. 29, Lane 916, Sec. 2, Meishi Road
Yangmei District, Taoyuan City 32668, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Phone: (886) 3-481-7189
Fax: (886) 3-481-4989
E-mail: emily@golden-legion.com.tw
Product Lines: Bumpers, Sheet Metal Parts, Plastic Parts.

John Tsao, General Manager
KD Cheng, Assistant of Chairman
Alger, Sales Manager
Great Bestcam Co., Ltd.
No. 63, Ligong 2nd Rd., Wujie Township
Yilan County, Taiwan, R.O.C
Phone: (886) 3-990-9996
Fax; (886) 3-996-8663
E-mail: gb269@gbcmotor.com.tw
Web: www.gbcmotor.com.tw
Product Lines: Aftermarket crash parts – Fenders liners, grilles, bumpers, valance panels.

Y.C. Chen
Hu Shan Transportation Co., Ltd.
4 Ding-Ping Ruifang Area
New Taipei City, Taiwan 22452, R.O.C.
Phone: (886) 2-2496 5566
Fax: (886) 2-2496-6699
E-mail: yc@hushan.com.tw
Product Lines: Manufacturer of door handles, window lifters, regulators, chrome door handles

Yi Wen Lui, General Manager
Eric Chen, Assistant Manager
Hui Yih Industrial Co., Ltd.
126 Kang Hou Road
Alian District, Taiwan 822, R.O.C.
Phone: (886) 7-631-9911
Fax: (886) 7-631-0211
E-mail: s6319911@ms25.hinet.net
Product Lines: Fenders/Hoods; Rebar; Brackets; Radiator Supports

John Lu, Vice President
Jui Li Enterprise Co., Ltd.
22 Kaonan Road, Jenwu Hsiang
Kaoshiung Hsien, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Phone: (886) 7-343-8301
Fax: (886) 7-346-4145
E-mail: sales22@juili.com.tw | juilisales@ksts.seed.net.tw
Product Lines: Bumpers (Urethane, Steel); Doors/Fenders/Hoods; Grilles; Header Panels; Lights; Radiators/Condensers; Truck Accessories; Airbags

Alex Fan, Manager
JYA/Whole Century Industrial Co., Ltd.
No.111 Xuefu Rd.
Taichung, Taiwan 40251
E-mail: jyaautoparts@gmail.com
Web: www.jyataiwan.com
Product Lines: Cooling fan assemblies

Steven Yu, General Manager
Hardy Yu, Global Sales Executive
Kuo Chuan Precision Ind. Co., Ltd.
#16 Ruixing St., Chungping Village, Tongluo Tiwnship
Miaoli, Taiwan
Phone: +886 912373221
Fax: +886 37-224319
E-mail : hapopo@kuochuan.com
Web: www.kuochuan.com
Area covered: USA, EU, South America, Africa, and Asia.
Product Lines: Hood Latch, Hood Hinge, Window Regulator, Door Hinge, Door Check, Door Latch, Door Striker, and Trunk Latch (Core Values: Stamping, Plastic Injection, and overall assembly).

Carol Chiang, Principal
Lian Tuoh Co., Ltd.
94-4 Housheng Rd, Shengang District
Taichung City, Taiwan
Phone: (886) 425610178
Fax: (886) 425613297
E-mail : lt23@lian-tuoh.com.tw
Web: www.lian-tuoh.com.tw
Product Lines: Automotive windshield washer tanks, coolant tanks, and assemblies.

Emily Tseng, Assistant President
Polyway Industry Co., LTD
No. 12 Hwan Gong Road
Yung Kang City, Tainan Hsien, Taiwan
Phone: (886) 6-232-8123
Fax: (886) 6-232-5361
E-mail : polyway@ms4.hinet.net | sales@polyway.com.tw
Web: www.polyway.com.tw
Product Lines: Automotive mirrors and accessories for Passengers, SUVs, Pickups, Superdutys and Heavy Duty trucks

Stephen Chen, President
Grace Chang, Sales Department
Pro Fortune Industrial Co., Ltd.
14-37 Shihtoutso, Tunshan Li,
Tamsui Dist., New Taipei City 25145, Taiwan
Phone: (886) 2-2801-1987 ext. 269
Fax: (886) 2-2801-2419 | (886) 2-2801-2436
E-mail: pdhct@profortune.com.tw
Web: www.profortune.com.tw
Skype: PFTC-America
Product Lines: Bumper covers; Grilles; Headlight doors; Lamps; Other Plastic parts

Steve Huang, Assistance Vice President
Jacky Chiu, Deputy Director
Tong Yang Industry Co., Ltd
98 An Ho Road, Sec. 2
Tainan, 70967 Taiwan R.O.C.
Phone: (886) 6-3560511
Fax: (886) 6-3550390
E-mail: tyg5430@tyg.com.tw
Product Line: Comprehensive line of replacement auto body parts and cooling products.

Alan Wang, Chairman
Jack Lui, Business Sales
Tran Hung International Co., Ltd.
No. 13 Hung Chang Street, Linkou District
New Taipei City, Taiwan 24452, R.O.C.
Phone: 886-2-2297-7577
Fax: 866-2-2297-6222
E-mail: jack@goodgomotor.com.tw
Product Lines: Bumper covers; Bumper Inserts; Mouldings; Grilles; License frames

Edward Chung, President
Michael Lee, Vice President
Doris Lan, Manager
Triplus Company, Ltd.
5th Fl., No. 79, Section 1, Hsin Hai Road
Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Phone: (886) 2-2362-6683
Fax: (886) 2-2362-6734 | (886) 2-2368-1141
Product Lines: Bumpers (Urethane, Steel); Doors/Fenders/Hoods; Grilles; Header Panels; Lights; Radiators/Condensers; Truck Accessories

Bumper Lin, General Manager
Y.C.C. Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
NO.7, Lugung S.3rd Rd., Lukang Town,
Chunghua Hsein, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Phone: (886) 4-781 0355
Fax: (886) 4-781 0863
E-mail: ycc111@yccco.com.tw
Web site: www.yccco.com.tw
Product Lines: Bumper covers; Grilles; Head lamp mounting panels, Air deflector, Lower valanc

Hsieh Wen Kai, General Manager
Yeh Yu Wen, Sales Manager
Yes Auto Parts Co., Ltd
No. 213, Sec. 1, Gong 2nd Rd., Longtan Dist.
Taoyuan City, Taiwan (R.O.C.) 325
Phone: (886) 3-4800041
Fax: (886) 3-4801242
E-mail: stc11055@ms67.hinet.net
Product Lines: Hood hinge, hood latch, bumper bracket, hood support, liftgate support.

Ming-Chung, Huang, President
Sung Mei, Lee, General Manager
Erica Chung, Sales Section Chief
Yih Sheng Auto Parts Industrial Co., Ltd
No. 899, Xinxing Rd.
Xinfeng Town, Hsinchu Country (304), Taiwan R.O.C.
Phone: (886) 3-599-0177
Fax: (886) 3-599-0119
E-mail: sales@mail.ysc.com.tw
Product Lines: hoods, fenders, front and rear bumper covers, radiator support assembly, grilles, bumper supports assy, trunk lids, & much more…

Flora Shih, Sales Manager
Eason Yang, Sales Specialist
Yuan Da Auto Mirror Industrial Co., Ltd.
No. 31, Ln. 444, Sec 7. Zhanglu Rd.
Fuxing Town, Changhua Country 50661. Taiwan, R.O.C.
Phone: (886) 4-776-6525
Fax: (886) 4-777-4699
E-mail: flora@yymirror.com.tw
Product Lines: Automotive mirrors for light duty to heavy duty trucks & passenger vehicles.

Eric Huang, Manager
Zhong Hui Industrial Co Ltd
1 F., No. 9, Aly. 17, Ln. 328, Sec. 2, Yong’an S. Rd.
Luzhou Dist., New Taipei City 24766, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Phone: +886910152328
E-mail: erichuang2328@gmail.com
Product Lines: Developer of auto parts.

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