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By Bill McDonough, Editor, Body Language

Welcome to the new Body Language newsletter. By transitioning from a printed piece with limited distribution to an online publication, we believe this new format will open up readership to a wider audience. This will allow us to bring the ABPA’s message to decision makers across the parts, insurance and collision repair industry.

I come from an editorial background on the collision repair side of the business. I have seen the OEM vs. aftermarket parts “discussion” from both sides. I firmly believe that there is a place for everybody at the table, and that the needs of the consumer – which must be our ultimate focus as an industry – will be best served by open competition.

We’ll continue to keep you up to speed on the important happenings throughout the industry, on Capitol Hill, and in state houses across the country. But we also want to showcase some of the leaders in our industry so that those who may be unfamiliar with the great work being done by ABPA members can get a glimpse at the quality and lasting value we are delivering every day. Look for some in-depth profile pieces in the months ahead.

My most important goal is to report on what is most important to you. So you’ll need to let me know. What concerns you? What problems are you facing? How are you solving them? What help do you need? What help can you provide to others in our industry?

Keep in touch with me so that I can help you keep in touch with the industry.

Bill McDonough

P.S. Be sure to tell everybody you know about this new web newsletter. The more people reading our information, the more impact we will have.

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