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ABPA San Diego: Focus on Breakout Sessions

Each year at the annual ABPA convention, we strive to update our members on the latest industry topics. This includes the educational breakout sessions which occur on the afternoon of Thursday, 4/26 after the first business session in San Diego. The classes below are just a sample of what we have to offer. More information to come soon!


“Vehicle Test Fit (VTF)”

Intertek, CAPA’s Validator, will be conducting a live demonstration that will highlight some of the unique steps that CAPA developed that are required for CAPA 301 – Lighting Parts. First, we will show how the in-vehicle position of the lamp is measured using a 3D scanner. This dimensional data is used to create an accurate fixture for photometric testing to meet Federal requirements, such as FMVSS 108. Then, one of our ASE-licensed technicians will walk thru the Vehicle Test Fit (VTF) process which was established by CAPA beginning in 1999 to validate the fit, function, and appearance of the aftermarket and OEM service parts.


“Aftermarket Supplier Sales Opportunities & Strategies”

This session is designed to help suppliers understand the emerging sales opportunities within the PartsTrader marketplace and how they can implement strategies, tools, & solutions to efficiently access and convert these opportunities into new sales. Other technical and setup questions will be addressed including the PartsTrader Premier Supplier program.

JSC Group

Jim Smith, “Improving the Sales to the Insurance Driven Market”

The session is geared to better understanding the insurance driven market and improving your company metrics to win more of that business.

NSF International

NSF Registration, “Certification and Risk Mitigation”

The Tracy lawsuit has dominated the headlines over the past several months and sensitized the market to the potential risks for those involved in vehicle repair. If you sell aftermarket automotive parts, you are at risk of being named in a lawsuit. How can you use certification to minimize that risk? Learn more by attending Bob Frayer’s (NSF International Automotive Global Managing Director) breakout session on Thursday, 4/26.

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