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CAPA Reaffirms Its Ongoing Commitment to the Collision Repair Industry

Kentwood, MI – The Certified Automotive Parts Association (CAPA), an independent, non-profit, standard setting and certification organization for automotive crash parts, is reassuring the collision repair industry it will continue its mission to ensure that high-quality, certified aftermarket parts remain an option for insurers, repairers, and consumers.

“CAPA’s commitment to the aftermarket industry spans more than 30 years,” said Clark Plucinski, Chairman, CAPA Board of Directors. “We understand that the recent developments in the aftermarket parts certification industry have caused concern amongst stakeholders, but CAPA is fully committed to servicing the industry with the same diligence and passion we have since our founding.”

“Over the past several years CAPA has maintained double digit growth year over year, in certified part applications available to the industry. CAPA intends to accelerate this trend over the coming years, through the development of additional standards across a wider variety of replacement parts,” said Plucinski. To date, CAPA has certified over 105 million parts, and currently has nine publicly available certification standards:

CAPA Standard Example Part Type
CAPA 101 Metals Fenders, Hoods
CAPA 201 Plastics Bumper Covers, Grilles
CAPA 202 Nonwoven Fabric Fender Liners, Hood Liners
CAPA 301 Lighting Headlamps, Taillamps
CAPA 501 Bumper Parts Front and Rear Bumpers, Energy Absorbers
CAPA 601 Radiators Radiators
CAPA 602 AC Condensers Air Conditioning Condensers
CAPA 701 Exterior Mirrors Passenger and Driver Side Assemblies
CAPA 702 Exterior Cameras Rearview Cameras

In addition, the CAPA 801 Standard for Automotive Glass is currently under review by the CAPA Technical Committee.

“CAPA will work individually with various stakeholders to minimize the impact of recent changes in the automotive parts certification business,” Plucinski stated. “We will reach out to determine areas CAPA can develop solutions or programs to support the industry, and we look forward to industry feedback.”

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