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ABPA Applauds FTC Report on Consumer Issues Within the Auto Repair Market

Houston, TX – The Automotive Body Parts Association (ABPA) applauds the report issued by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) which urges expanded consumer access to auto repair options. The report is a summary of findings from the “Nixing the Fix” project which was initiated by the FTC in early 2019. The ABPA, which both attended the Nixing the Fix workshop and submitted empirical data to the FTC for the project, is mentioned on pages 22 and 40 of the report.

“The FTC Report succinctly summarizes the various issues consumers face within the repair markets, especially the auto repair market,” said Ed Salamy, Executive Director of the ABPA. “The car companies are utilizing various methods to suppress the aftermarket for their own self-interests and the result is a rising cost of auto repair that is far outpacing the rate of inflation.”

Highlights of the report include:

  • The general unavailability of parts (page 18)
  • The steering of consumers to OEM repair networks via in-car telematics (page 21)
  • The abuse of design patents and trademarks (page 22)
  • The disparagement of aftermarket parts through position statements and repair procedures (page 22)
  • The issue of the rising costs of auto repair for consumers (page 40)

Salamy added, “The ABPA is willing and able to continue to work with the FTC to address these issues and will support pro-consumer legislation to address the issues within the automotive repair industry. I also urge ABPA members to voice their concerns on this topic to both the FTC and their legislators.”

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With more than 150 members, the Automotive Body Parts Association (ABPA) occupies over 400 distinctive locations including collision parts distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, and parts recycling plants. ABPA’s members are responsible for distributing more than 80 percent of the independently produced aftermarket crash replacement parts sold to the collision repair trade. For more information about the ABPA, visit www.autobpa.com.


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