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CAPA Launches Tier 1 Replacement Parts Verification Program

Kentwood, MI – The Certified Automotive Parts Association (CAPA), an independent non-profit standard-setting and certification organization for automotive crash parts, announces the launch of its new Tier 1 Replacement Parts Verification Program. The program is available for any Tier 1 supplier that also produces an in-house, alternately branded version of car company original (CCO) or car company service (CCS) parts used for automotive repair.

CAPA Tier 1 Verification will help to ensure there are no changes – aside from branding such as trade name, trademarks and packaging – when the production is switched from car company parts to Tier 1 branded version, making it easier to determine which Tier 1 branded parts are produced to the same standards as car company parts.

Historically, Tier 1 replacement parts have lacked clear definitions and been classified as aftermarket parts, making it difficult to determine which parts are truly equivalent to CCOs or CCSs. The CAPA Tier 1 Verification Program helps clarify these parts by ensuring the same factory, tooling, materials, and manufacturing processes are used during the production of the car company part and the Tier 1 Verified replacement part. Additionally, CAPA Tier 1 Verified parts must also demonstrate compliance to all applicable federal regulations. These efforts help to ensure there are no differences when a supplier changes production from manufacturing the car company parts to the Tier 1 branded version of the part.

“At CAPA, we strive to be a trusted leader in providing assurance of quality auto parts,” said Clark Plucinski, Chairman at CAPA. “For more than 30 years, we have provided a comprehensive certification program to identify high quality replacement parts. We are thrilled to draw on the strength of our original program, along with our third-party testing partner’s expertise in testing and certification, to develop this new verification program to expand our offering and brand to Tier 1 replacement parts and their suppliers.”

The CAPA Verification Program is available now for any Tier 1 supplier. Manufacturers and suppliers wishing for more information about the program, or to have their products certified by CAPA, can contact Jillian Rahal at 616-656-7401 or jillian.rahal.@intertek.com. Information can also be found at the CAPA website, www.CAPAcertified.org

About CAPA

The Certified Automotive Parts Association, founded in 1987, is the nation’s only independent, non-profit certification organization for automotive crash parts whose sole purpose is to ensure that both consumers and the industry have the means to identify high-quality parts via the CAPA Quality Seal. CAPA is an ANSI-accredited standards developer for competitive crash repair parts. For more information see CAPAcertified.org.

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