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From the Executive Director: Open Letter to All ABPA Members

Smithfield, RI – May 23, 2013

Dear ABPA Member,

As your new Executive Director, I wanted to take a moment and give you some updates on important matters that are affecting our community and ultimately, your business.

Effective immediately, Dan Morrissey, Chairman of the ABPA Board, has been appointed interim Executive Director of the Quality Parts Coalition (QPC). Please see attached press release from the QPC that marks this announcement. He replaces Eileen Sottile who is stepping down after serving in this capacity since the inception of the QPC. Dan will ensure that the transition from Eileen to the next Executive Director will be done smoothly.

Along with this change in QPC leadership, the time for your support is NOW. The Promoting Automotive Repair, Trade and Sales (PARTS) Act (S. 780 and H.R 1663) has been reintroduced in both the House and Senate. What makes this reintroduction special is that for the first time, both bills have bipartisan backing which they previously did not have. As a reminder, these bills will reduce the car company’s patent rights on collision parts to 2.5 years, down from the current 14 year limit.

In order for these bills to be pushed through, we need your support. See attached ABPA contribution form; we are asking for a small $50 contribution for each container that you import based on a monthly average. For example, if you import 20 containers per month on average, we would ask that you authorize the ABPA to charge your credit card $1,000 each month. Another option is to make a one time contribution at the dollar amount of your choice. All monies sent to the QPC will be directly put towards getting the PARTS Act pushed through.

I cannot stress enough the necessity for your immediate support. It is time for all distributors to participate in this cause which will help ensure that our livelihoods are maintained. For further information on other ways that you can contribute, please contact me directly at 401-949-0912 or visit autobpa.com.

Finally, I encourage you to send a message to Congress that you support the PARTS Act. Please visit the QPC’s website to make your voice heard: keepautopartsaffordable.org

Best regards,

Edward T. Salamy
Executive Director

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