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Learn More About NSF Automotive Distributor Certification

Editor’s Note: The letter below from Bob Frayer of NSF International outlines the process and benefits of becoming a certified parts distributor. Certification – of parts, distributors and repair shops – serves to provide assurance, consistency and a commitment to quality throughout the collision repair supply chain. If you have not yet considered certification, please take the time to contact Bob to investigate how Distributor Certification can benefit your business. You can also get an overview of the NSF certification program here. — Bill McDonough, Editor, Body Language

NSF Certified ABC Parts

May 11, 2016

Dear ABPA Member,

As a distributor of automotive parts, you know that having a process in place to effectively maintain and track customer information, operational procedures, parts and quality improvement is essential.  If you have such a system in place, why not take the next step and demonstrate all of your hard work with independent certification from an accredited organization?  Earning NSF Automotive Distributor Certification will enable you to showcase your exceptional commitment and focus on continuous improvement.

Why now?  Now is a great time as a top-10 U.S. automotive insurer requires that their aftermarket auto parts be purchased from distributors that are certified by NSF International.

What is NSF Automotive Distributor Certification and what does it take to get certified?  NSF distributor certification closes the supply chain gap between part manufacturers and repair shops by addressing the key role distributors play in providing quality parts.  It also promotes improved business practices within the repair distribution supply chain for all part types.  Key certification requirements include part traceability, inventory tracking and recall processes in addition to being ISO 9001 certified.  Additionally, your company can benefit from having the ISO 9001 and distributor certification audit conducted simultaneously by NSF saving time and costs.

Distributors meeting NSF’s certification requirements are able to use the certified distributor mark on their website and marketing indicating that they are a certified distributor.  NSF certified distributors are also listed in NSF’s online listings.

More information can be found on this webpage: Auto Collision Parts Distributor Certification or by emailing autocert@nsf.org or calling 734-913-5733.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Bob Frayer
Global Managing Director Automotive, NSF International

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