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ABPA Member Benefit Spotlight – Partslink

Recently, I wrote an article that spoke about the new and highly successful ABPA member benefits program, “savings4members”. I am happy to say that after reading this article, even more of you signed up for the program to save money. Great job! However, did you know that the most popular member benefit for ABPA members is a large discount towards a subscription to Partslink? Most ABPA members save $75 for their monthly subscription costs to Partslink! Partslink is the top parts numbering system used in the aftermarket collision parts industry and is utilized by all top distributors and manufacturers.

For those that are interested to learn more about Partslink, a full description of the program, its history, general FAQ and pricing can be found on our website: https://www.autobpa.com/partslink/


Partslink Numbering System
Certified Automotive Parts Association (CAPA) / Intertek
Automotive Manufacturers Equipment Compliance Agency, Inc. (AMECA)


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