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CAPA Launches Verification Program for Headlamp Repair Tabs

Kentwood, Mich. – The Certified Automotive Parts Association (CAPA), an independent non-profit standard setting and certification organization for automotive crash parts, announces the launch of its new verification program for headlamp repair tabs. CAPA Verification demonstrates that a product or service has been independently verified to meet specified requirements for that product or service. In piloting this program, CAPA has partnered with Creative Repair Solutions (CRS) as the first manufacturer to verify their engineered headlamp tabs for use in automotive repairs.

Headlamps can be mounted in vehicles by plastic tabs. These tabs may become cracked or broken during shipping and handling, installation, or in a collision, while the remainder of the headlamp assembly incurs no damage. CRS has developed and patented a process to produce the replacement tabs via additive manufacturing. These components can be used to repair OE or aftermarket headlamps by replacing the broken or cracked mounting tabs, restoring the lamp to its original position in the vehicle. These tabs eliminate the need to replace the entire headlamp, which reduces the cost to repair the vehicle and the amount of discarded parts and systems.

Expanding upon its more than 30 years of testing and certification of aftermarket auto parts, CAPA will verify the repair kits through material and vibration testing, vehicle test fit, and manufacturing and production process audits.

“At CAPA, our goal has always been to ensure access to high-quality, fairly priced, alternative parts that provide an option for keeping vehicle repair costs down,” said Clark Plucinski at CAPA. “We are thrilled to partner with CRS on this verification program to offer a sustainable solution to the industry, bringing assurance to insurance-based and DIY vehicle repairers with these headlamp repair tab kits.”

“Our cooperation with CAPA is an integral part of bringing our innovative designs to the world market,” said Maurice Paperi of CRS. “Creative Repair Solutions is proud to join with CAPA in order to meet the high standards required for today’s automotive aftermarket parts.”

For more information about the headlamp repair tab validation program, visit https://www.capacertified.org/verification-program.

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