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ABPA Member Spotlight – Express Parts, Miami FL

Smithfield, RI – As things return somewhat back to normal for me and my travel schedule, going back to visiting ABPA members is something that I truly enjoy doing. After almost 25 years in the industry and hearing so many stories, I still appreciate hearing how ABPA members run their businesses, their tales of success and challenges, and what makes them unique in our very specific industry of aftermarket collision parts distribution. While in southern Florida recently, I took the opportunity to visit a couple of ABPA members in the area and the first member that I met was Eduardo Cano, owner of Express Parts based in Miami, FL.

First, a little history on Express Parts. The company was started in 2006 by Cano who had a history of working in the automotive rebuilders industry. Having made some contacts at the auto auctions with local aftermarket collision parts distributors and learning about the industry, he was given an opportunity to purchase the aftermarket parts inventory of a nearby salvage yard that was looking to get out of the business. Although an intriguing option, Cano decided the best course of action was to reach out to industry suppliers to see if it made more sense to develop those relationships and to purchase new inventory to start his business. The rest, as they say, is history.

Over the past 15 plus years, Cano and his staff have grown their business and have expanded into a second location in Orlando, FL. When I asked Cano what is driving his growth, he said it is a combination of his loyal staff, service, and quality parts. Cano is a firm believer in CAPA parts and tries to only carry CAPA, when available. As for his staff, running his office is his wife Claudia which makes Express a true family business. Other notable employees are Donny Mason, an industry veteran that runs the Orlando location as well as Eddie Toledo who is the General Manager in Miami.

The timing of my visit to Express was excellent as I was given the opportunity to tour both their current, outgoing facility as well as their new facility which is partially open. According to Cano, he has been in his current facility for over 15 years and has simply outgrown it. Those of you who have moved your facilities know it is a daunting task; Collision parts are not the easiest to move and transferring staff, office equipment, files, etc. is not the easiest of jobs. After the tour of their current facility, Cano drove me to his new location which is truly state of the art with new racking, new parts and the latest in warehouse technology. Visiting ABPA members who are growing their businesses is always an enjoyable part of my job as Executive Director and I look forward to continuing my member visits during my travels.

Ed Salamy
Executive Director, Automotive Body Parts Association (ABPA)

Check out the gallery below for some photos from the visit:

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