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ABPA Attends REPAIR Act Reception in Washington DC

On February 28, 2023, ABPA Executive Director Ed Salamy attended a reception in support of the Right to Equitable and Professional Auto Industry Repair (REPAIR) Act (H.R. 906). The reception was hosted by SEMA, MEMA, AutoCare, and the CAR Coalition where Salamy serves as a member of the Board.

Despite a late room change within the Cannon House Office building, attendance was strong with multiple Representatives of Congress, their staffers, and supporters of the Bill. Congressman Neal Dunn (R-FL), a cosponsor of the Bill, welcomed attendees and addressed the attendees by reviewing the issues facing consumers in getting their vehicles repaired.

Introduced on February 10th, the REPAIR Act will ensure the preservation of consumer choice, a fair marketplace, and the continued safe operation of the nation’s 292 million registered passenger and commercial motor vehicles, 70% of which are maintained by independent repair facilities.

The REPAIR Act will accomplish this by:

  • Preserving consumer access to high quality and affordable vehicle repair by ensuring that vehicle owners and their repairers of choice have access to necessary repair and maintenance tools and data as vehicles continue to become more advanced.
  • Ensuring access to critical repair tools and information. All tools and equipment; wireless transmission of repair and diagnostic data; and access to on-board diagnostic and telematic systems needed to repair a vehicle must be made available to the independent repair industry.
  • Ensuring cybersecurity by allowing vehicle manufacturers to secure vehicle-generated data and requiring the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to develop standards for how vehicle generated data necessary for repair can be accessed securely.
  • Providing transparency for consumers by requiring vehicle owners be informed that they can choose where and how to get their vehicle repaired.
  • Creating a stakeholder advisory committee and providing them with the statutory authority to provide recommendations to the FTC on how to address emerging barriers to vehicle repair and maintenance.
  • Providing ongoing enforcement by establishing a process for consumers and independent repair facilities to file complaints with the FTC regarding alleged violations of the requirements in the bill and a requirement that the FTC act within five months of a claim.

For more information on the CAR Coalition and the ABPA’s involvement, please reach out to ABPA Executive Director Ed Salamy.

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